Monday, February 7


I am not a big fan of February.

In 2005 my Dad turned 45 on February 6th. I had minor surgery on my tailbone on February 9th. Then on February 11th he passed away. It was carbon monoxide poisoning.  I didn't really get a chance to say goodbye. I love my Dad. It's hard to believe we've been living without him for six years. This week is very tough. I am the oldest of five kids and I mourn for my siblings who didn't get as much time with my Dad as I did. I was 20 when my Dad died and my youngest sister was 9. There are no words to describe the suckitude.

Here are some photos:

Did everyone have that furniture in the 80's?
On the jetty in Plymouth, Mass. Still one of my favorite places in the Country!
Here we are on the replica of the Mayflower.
Grandma's house. I really love my new baby sister. Can you tell?
Dropping me off at college. Fall of 2002. He was very excited that he got to go to Bass Pro shops while he was in town!

I think the thing I mourn about the most is that he wasn't there at my wedding and my kids will never know their Grandpa. Anyone who knew my Dad would tell you that he was a sucker for babies. He was a contractor and all around tough guy. But when a baby was within a ten foot radius of my Dad he turned into this melty pile of goof. He would have been the best Grandpa.

Here are some photos of my kids, who would have loved my Dad:

Beautiful Fiona

Handsome Henry

One of our First Family pics. That's Trevor with his gamer beard!

Sorry if I am neglecting my blog. This is a very tough week. I am trying to keep up with everything. I have come up with some new recipes. I will post them soon. I also have a couple of crochet projects going.

I hope everyone else has a great February.

Daniel Fast update: We are on day 14 of the fast. We are feeling really good. One week to go. Just in time for Sushi and Saki on Valentines day! It's our tradition. It's our 5th Valentines day together! Where does the time go???

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  1. Hey girl...

    I'm a little late commenting here, but I just started following your blog. I still remember hearing about your dad's passing.
    I appreciate you taking time to write about him on here and even to write about the "suckitude" of it all. Thanks also for sharing some of your pictures. It's clear your dad loved his little girl:)!!