Saturday, June 11


It's been awhile, apologies all around!

It's the beginning of summer time! When summer rolls around I want salads and fresh foods and crunchy stuff. I went grocery shopping today. I had Fiona in the cart and Henry tied to my back. (Does that sound bad?) I mean, I had Henry in his comfortable amazing mei tai carrier that I made by the way. In any case, I was perusing around the fish counter and I saw the most beautiful tuna steaks...

Inspiration hit me. sushi........SUSHI!!!

I finished shopping.

By the way, my kids behaved like little angels for the hour and a half we were in the crowded supermarket.

Here's what you need to know about Sushi rice. It's not difficult to make. Let me repeat myself, it's not difficult to make! I used brown rice because it's healthy. Fiber and whole grain and all that you know.

I made a lot of rice, if you want to make one or two rolls the recipe follows:

Sushi rice:

2/3 cup rice
a little more than a cup of water
Japanese sushi rice vinegar 2 Tbsp.

Place the rice in a bowl and rinse it 3-5 times until the water is clear. Place the wet rice in a sauce pan (one with a heavy bottom preferably) Add the water (I actually didn't measure the water, I stopped when the water was about 1" above the rice)

Add salt dash style I suppose. I didn't add too much.

Without a lid (yet) bring the rice to a boil. As soon as it's boiling add the lid. Turn the burner down as low as it goes.

Now, here's the part that may be difficult for some, read: me or anyone else with patience issues. You need to leave it alone. For like 45 minutes at least. Wait till all the water is absorbed and then keep the lid on and let it sit for at least ten more minutes off the heat.  

After all that you should have warm perfectly cooked brown rice. It should be sticky and sticking together, not mushy, but sticky. Place the rice into a wooden or glass bowl. Not metal, vinegar will react with metal bowls. Splash the vinegar on the rice and stir. And voila!

Sushi rice.

This is only part one of Sushi rolls. The rice. Tomorrow *fingers crossed* I will post about rolling sushi.

Here's a teaser photo or two!

Stay tuned....


  1. YUM! Jealous! Your cooking is always delightful. Even with Tummy issues today this looks awesome!

  2. Haha I thought you said "Stay tuna'ed."