Saturday, January 28

I have not abandoned my blog.

Hello all. We have been making some big changes in our household. After watching forks over knives My husband and I decided to transition into a vegan lifestyle. I have a lot of recipes that I am trying and I am making some up as I go along. I will be posting a lot more in the future. There are so many great things you can do with whole grains and veggies! So stay tuned and prepare for the onslaught of deliciousness!

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  1. looking forward to seeing some recipes—rt now i'm trying a vegetarian chili in my crockpot- i'm starting to try to steer away from meats myself- vegan i'd love to try for but idk it can manage it longterm!!! although when i do it, i feel amazing! good luck, would love to see and try recipes! :)