Saturday, January 22

Daniel Fast: Here we go!

Trevor (the husband) and I will be starting the Daniel Fast tomorrow. We will be fasting and praying about Trevor's new job. He starts on Monday. Trevor has been working very close to home (about a ten minute drive) his new job is at least a 45 minute commute.He will be training locally for four weeks and then he will be on his own in a coordinator position in a grocery store. He will finally have a full time job with full benefits. It's been almost three years that he has worked part time.

We will be praying about that job. We will be praying for our family and what all this means for us. We will be seeking God's guidance in our lives and the direction he has for us. The fast is not about the food, what you can and cannot eat. There is a great blog full of info link here: Daniel Fast Blog and it is written by a woman who lives the daniel fast. To briefly explain, it's basically a vegan diet. It's a cleansing diet.

I will focus on great Daniel Fast recipes and keep you all updated on our spiritual journey through this fast. I will try to include the meal plans that I will be using for us. Maybe I could help some fellow daniel fasters. I am going to work today making a few big meals that we can eat all week long.

Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers as we start this fast. Please pray for Trevor and his new job too.

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